Product Description

What is WorkgroupWeb?

WorkgroupWeb is an HTTP proxy server. WorkgroupWeb runs on a single Windows NT or Windows 95/98 computer and can connect to your Internet Service Provider (ISP) to access web pages for the entire organization. This means that anyone within your organization can now have world wide web access without each user requiring their own modem.

Within your organization, users can use any web browser clients, such as Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator. The web browser requests information from the WorkgroupWeb sever over a TCP/IP network which in turn will request the information from the ISP.

Network running TCP/IP

Client Computers

The client computers can use any web browser to view the world wide web. This includes Microsoft Internet Explorer and Netscape Navigator. Each client browser requires a simple option being set to enable it to browse web pages through WorkgroupWeb rather than directly over a dial-up connection.


Server Computer

WorkgroupWeb is installed onto a single computer which will become the WorkgroupWeb server computer. This will connect to your Internet Service Provider as soon as anyone attempts to open a web page from their web browser.

The server computer, running WorkgroupWeb, must either be running Windows 95/98 or Windows NT. If WorkgroupWeb runs on a Windows 95/98 computer, it runs as an executable program. If it runs on a Windows NT computer, it runs as an NT service or as an executable program.

You can specify how many seconds of inactivity will elapse before WorkgroupWeb automatically disconnects from your ISP and hangs up the dial-up connection.

WorkgroupWeb will handle all HTTP proxy requests including support for SSL and FTP.


WorkgroupWeb Administrator Program

The WorkgroupWeb administrator lets you modify your dial-up connection settings, enter keycode information and specify advanced settings.



These days TCP/IP networks are commonplace in many organizations. If your organization runs a TCP/IP network then you can install WorkgroupWeb and have any number of clients access the world wide web from any web browser.