Filtering Junk Mail

In order to stop junk mail being downloaded, you must first compile a list of mail originators that send you junk mail. For example, you may receive junk mail from the following originators:





You can add these addresses to WorkgroupMail's list of junk mail originators by pressing the Junk Mail List… button in the Filtering page of the ISP Options property sheet. The List dialog box is displayed:

Enter the originator addresses by pressing the Add… button. You can either enter the addresses exactly, or you can use wildcard matching. For example, since you receive junk mail from both anyone@junkmaillist.com and someone@junkmaillist.com, rather than add two separate entries, you can enter the entry *@junkmaillist.com.

Once you have entered the junk mail originators, you should next decide when to delete messages from the ISP that did not pass the filter. The Advanced page has an option to delete messages that do not pass the filter and are more than n days old.