POP3 Connector for Exchange

On its own, Exchange cannot collect mail using POP3 on behalf of it's users. Exchange is aimed primarily at enterprise level companies that host their own e-mail and are therefore expected to receive e-mail directly via SMTP. However, some companies that have chosen Exchange as their mail server may still wish to collect their e-mail from an ISP via POP3.

The POP3 Connector for Exchange plug-in makes this possible. It transforms WorkgroupMail into a POP3 connector that can collect mail using POP3 from one or more Internet Service providers and can then send it directly to Exchange via SMTP.

Click here to download the POP3 Connector for Exchange

To configure WorkgroupMail as a POP3 connector for Exchange, do the following:

  • Run the Workgroupmail Setup program.

  • Follow the instructions in the installation wizard, ensuring that you select Standard ISP-based Mail Server in the Configuration page.

  • In the Details page, enter your organization name and enter your name as POP3 Connector. The e-mail address can be any e-mail address in your domain.

  • In the ISP page, ensure that you enter the Outgoing Mail Server (SMTP) as the name or IP address of the Exchange server computer.

  • Enter the information in the remaining pages and press Finish to complete the installation.

  • Run the WorkgroupMail administrator and select Import Plug-in from the File menu.

  • Select the ExchangeConnector.dll file. Press Next and then press Finish.

  • In the administrator, add any number of additional ISPs. Either the initial user, created in the installation, or any number of additional virtual mailboxes may be configured to collect mail from specific POP3 mailboxes.

  • Double click on the Exchange POP3 Connector plug-in in the left-hand window of the administrator. In the properties page, ensure that the ISP that you defined in the installation wizard is selected as the ISP to be used to forward messages to the Exchange Server computer.

  • Run the WorkgroupMail Server program. WorkgroupMail will now be operating as a POP3 connector, directing all incoming mail to the Exchange Server computer via SMTP.