Antivirus support for WorkgroupMail

WorkgroupMail can integrate with Norton AntiVirus or McAfee (Network Associates) VirusScan to provide server based antivirus checking on incoming and outgoing messages. It does this via the VirusChecker plug-in which is supplied with the standard WorkgroupMail program.

The VirusChecker plug-in uses the Norton AntiVirus or McAfee VirusScan engine to check for viruses whenever a
message is sent from a local client or whenever a message is received from the ISP. When a virus is detected, an appropriate user is warned and the message is quarantined. Additional information is also available in the antivirus software log.

To configure WorkgroupMail for antivirus support, ensure that you have installed Norton AntiVirus or McAfee VirusScan and import the VirusChecker plug-in into the WorkgroupMail Administrator and then restart the WorkgroupMail server program. You can import the VirusChecker plug-in by selecting File | Import Plug-in and browsing to Program Files\Workgroupmail\viruschecker.dll.

Then, in your antivirus software, you should then ensure that the temporary folder and the Program Files\WorkgroupMail folder tree are excluded from the auto-protect function.

In Norton AntiVirus Options, select Other/Alerts options and untick the Sound an audible alert tick box.